Miriam Laussegger, Michaela Mück, Lucia Dovičáková, Peter Wehinger

4. 2. 2010 - 12. 3. 2010

What is home? What qualities does home have? And what do you have to do to really arrive in a place and make it feel like home? The exhibition “Homebase” brings together works from four artists who each in their own way explore the idea of home, being at home and feeling at home.

What does it mean to live in a room? Does living in a room mean making it your own? What does it mean to make a place your own? When does a place really become your own?
Does a place become your own when you soak your three socks in a pink plastic bowl?
Does it become your own when you heat up some spaghetti on the gas stove? Does it become your own when you’ve used up all the single coat hangers in the wardrobe and linen cupboard?

Georges Perec

Lucia Dovicáková
2000-2006 Faculty of Fine Arts, Košice (Studio Prof. Rudolf Sikora)
2003 Acadfemy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, (Space communication studio of Mrg. Art. Anton Čierny)
2006 Finalist of Oskar Čepan Price
Lives and works in Košice (SK)

Life within one’s own four walls is also the specific subject of Slovak artist Lucia Dovicáková. Her paintings show apparently banal scenes from everyday life, like cooking, eating, washing, and showering, etc. But most of the images startle the viewer in their use of subtle gestures we only dare to make in apparently unobserved moments, such as secret nail biting, licking a knife, or drinking the last drop from the soup bowl. Lucia Dovicáková allows her protagonists intimate moments which though seldom admitted, nevertheless form the private sphere.

Miriam Laussegger
1980 born in Vienna
2000 – 2006 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, textuelle Bildhauerei bei Heimo Zobernig
2010 fellowship Paris bm:ukk

What remains when your own home no longer exists is the subject of the works presented in the exhibition by Miriam Lausegger. “Abbruch, ein architektonischer Kontaktabzug”(Demolition: an architectural contact sheet) – is the title of a series of photographs which documents the traces of demolished houses on neighbouring buildings. The contact impressions left by former stairways, kitchenettes and carpet remnants. Railway stations as public areas of departure and arrival, such as the recently demolished and restructured Vienna West and Vienna Central railways stations, are also used by Miriam Lausegger as objects of absence. Fittingly, the artist presents the photographs laminated on plasterboard, a frequently used building material.

Michaela Mück
1969 born in Salzburg
1987 – 1991 stage design/ Academy of Fine Arts, VIenna
Lives and works in Vienna

Michaela Mück quotes writer George Perec, and investigates the objects which make up a private sphere – which give a personal touch to a place. These objects are often small collections of presents and reminiscences, like a photo on a bedside table. The artist will erect a “private altar” in a corner of the gallery, which can be seen as a proxy for all the accumulations of personal objects that are found in almost every home – often as almost abstract offshoots of individual memories.

Peter Wehinger
2005 – now Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (Monica Bonvicini, Peter Kogler)
Lives and works in Vienna

Peter Wehinger takes one step back from the familiar atmosphere of one’s own home. He uses discarded blister packs of anti-depressives as if they were building blocks to make “Metropole”, an artificial city made of façades of “happy pills”, thus shaking up the home-sweet-home image from early-evening serials. On the other hand, he lets us know that life without a home can make you ill, and anti-depressives can offer a temporary home to mentally ill people.