please mind: summerbreak from 2.08 - 29.08.2011

8. 7. 2011 - 10. 9. 2011

Summer time – the time for holidays. This catchcry occurs again and again every year in junk mail, TV adverts and other advertising material through which our desire for the well-earned holiday is supposed to be aroused and nourished. The summer time-out has always promised relaxation and distance from the daily grind and lures the unsuspecting with often cliché-like promises: stressed-out couples find romantic highs far from relationship-hostile daily life and family members discover a new harmony with each other. But these promises are not always fulfilled. Instead, at the place of longing, the whole conflict potential of the holiday community reveals itself bluntly, and otherwise suppressed accusations are vented with no regard for casualties. It can even happen that we just can’t deal with the prescribed relaxation phase, putting ourselves under so much pressure to relax that the opposite emerges – more stress. One is forced to recognise that even holidays have to be learned.

with works of the following artists: Peter Assmann, Maria Luz Olivares Capelle, Astrid Kitzler, Johanna Klement, Ina Loitzl, Robert Mittringer, Darina Peeva, Eva Petric, Jose Pozo, Anna Rubin, Anne Zwiener