vom leben der bäume

Marika Vicari / Johann Feilacher

Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012 - 19:00
20. 6. 2012 - 28. 7. 2012

vom leben der bäume   

20.06.2012 – 28.07.2012  Opening : Dienstag/ Tuesday    19.06.2012 ,  19 h /  7 p.m

Opening Hours during Summer: Tue, Wen, Fri 2pm - 6pm, Thur 2pm - 8pm

In the exhibition “The Life of Trees”, the tree as organism in its wooden materiality and form becomes an analogy of human life as borrowed from the poem by Ernst Jandl. The exhibition consists of works by Italian artist Marika Vicari and Carinthia-born artist Johann Feilacher, who lives in Lower Austria. 
 “In the digital age it is necessary to have polar opposites”.
Johann Feilacher

MARIKA VICARI  (1979 )  studied landscape painting at the „Accademia di Belli Arte a Venezia“, Since 2004 she has taken part in Italian and international exhibitions.
The oeuvre of the young Italian artist Marika Vicari circles around the issue of nature. Her works aren’t however ordinary copies of a landscape but they are in fact an intellectual view of nature. In doing so she renounces narrative contents and works with a reduced formal vocabulary.

JOHANN FEILACHER (1954) created his first sculptural works in space in 1986.
Feilacher’s consciously simple, seemingly archaic language of form always takes into account the individual structure of the material wood, which he uses predominantly in his works. In striving to retain the quintessential qualities of wood, Feilacher creates complete and, at the same time, deeply natural shapes.