16. 4. 2016


Ina Loitzl

Red Carpet Showroom at Karlsplatz

until the 1st of May 2016

A multimedia store window project as part of the serie RED CARPET SHOWROOM at Karlplatz.

15. 4. 2016

Antonio Mele - time machine

The Italian embassy in Vienna hosts the exhibition of Antonio Mele - time machine
Opening of the exhibition thursday 21th april 18 h
location: Projectspace- Basment / Kro Art Contemporary
1060 Wien, Getreidemarkt 15
the runingtime of the exhibition is 22.04 - 12.05.2016
tuesday - friday 14 - 19 h, sat 12 - 17 h

13. 2. 2016

BLUE HOUR [Drink & Talk mit Markus Guschelbauer]

[Drink & Talk with Markus Guschelbauer]

SA 13.02.16 from 4 to 6 p.m.

We look forward to exciting discussions and a few Gin Tonic, Gin Fizz or Smørrebrød!

28. 1. 2016

Ina Loitzl Kunstboxen

Führung am Donnerstag 28. Jänner um 18h

Finissage am Sonntag 7. Februar um 15h

... während der Führung und der Finissage erklärt Inal Loitzl persönlich die Beweggründen für die Installation Kunstboxen

Ausstellung „Brennende Fragen“ läuft noch bis 7. Februar 2016 im Wiener Künstlerhaus, Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Wien

21. 11. 2015

Eva Petric - Open Studio (Kro Art Contemporary Basement)

Open Studio Day with the artist Eva Petric in the basement of Kro Art Kontemporary (from 13 to 18h)

20. 11. 2015

Vienna Art Week - guided Gallery Tour

Vienna Art Week Guided Gallery Tour - Friday 20.11.15 at 13.30

with Andreas Müller

Meeting point at Kro Art Galerie 1060 Wien, Getreidemarkt 15
(Kro Art Galerie / Knoll Galerie / Galerie Reinthaler / Galerie Hubert Winter / Galerie Gans / Krinzinger Projekte / ZS Art Galerie / Galerie Raum mit Licht)

18. 10. 2015

Expertentalk during the exhibition "Generation Addvanced"

Expertentalk im Rahmen von "Generation Addvanced"
SO 18.10.15 um 17.15h

mit: Je Plus - Julia Landsiedl / Studio Dankl - Kathrina Dankl / Pia Mayer / RaumKunst Architekten

Let’s talk about the future – Laut aktuellen Statistiken liegt ein langes Leben vor uns: Betagte und hoch betagte Personen stellen in nicht all zu ferner Zukunft einen Großteil der Bevölkerung Österreichs.

Durch direkte Kommunikation und Meinungsaustausch in sympathischer und entspannter Atmosphäre wollen wir Stärken, Talente, Potentiale aufzeigen und auf konkrete persönlich geäußerte Bedürfnisse und Wünsche unserer Mitmenschen dieser Altersgruppe aufmerksam machen.

"Willkommen im Club"
Talkrunden mit geladenen Gästen & Publikum

Wir laden Talkgäste aus Architektur, Stadtplanung, Social & Produktdesign, Sozialen Plattformen & Hubs (oder besser auf dem Punkt gebracht: Personen die das Leben der Älteren Generationen lebensfroh gestalten und damit Pionierarbeit in diesem Bereich leisten) zu einen Clubabend ein, um mit ihnen in entspannte Atmosphäre spannende Zukunftspläne für die Generation Advanced zu diskutieren…

Eine wahre Freude darüber zu berichten! …und wir hoffen auf Bespielcharakter & hohe Zuwachsraten!

2. 7. 2015

PAPIERWERKE ZWEI UND DREI D in the Papiermachermuseum (Streyermühl/Laakirche)

Dear friends of Kro Art Contemporary, we are looking forward to welcoming you to our upcoming exhibition Papiermachermuseum (Steyrermühl / OÖ).

03.07.2015 – 31.08.2015
Opening : Donnerstag / Thursday 02.07.2015, 19h / 7 p.m.

with an opening speech by Peter Assmann

mit / with


In cooperation with MONDI

12. 6. 2015

Book presentation "Bulbo die Kaulquappe"

We invite You to the opening and book presentation "Bulbo die Kaulquappe" from Johanna Finckh!

On saturday there will be a lecture for the kids and so we will enjoy the sunny afternoon...

7. 5. 2015

Ina Loitzl und Kirsten Borchert bei „EuroArt im MuseumsQuartier“: ORF und MQ starten Kunstprojekt zum Eurovision Song Contest

As part of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), 40 pieces of the internationally famous MQ courtyard furniture will be decorated by 40 Austrian artists, with one piece of furniture dedicated to each ESC participating country. A presentation of the artworks will take place on 15 May at 10:00 in the Main MQ Courtyard, before they are auctioned off for charity on 27 May. As part of the “MQ Summer Opening” on 7 May, the public will have the opportunity to watch the artists at work on site. 40 countries, 40 artworks: The artists drew lots to find out which country would be the theme of their design for the latest generation of MQ furniture, the “Viena” model (following “Enzi” and “Enzo”). This joint action by the ORF and MQ is being curated by the Leopold Museum, Kunsthalle Wien and mumok, who were responsible for selecting the artists. The project is also supported by Österreich Werbung and ÖBB Rail Tours. Participating artists include Hannes Mlenek, Johannes Deutsch, Tex Rubinowitz, Liesl Raff, the artist duo “kozek hörlonski/Thomas Hörl, Peter Kozek” Kamen Stoyanov, Resanita (Anita Fuchs & Resa Pernthaller) and Lukas Troberg. The MQ furniture for ESC participant “Austria” will be decorated by the Vienna-based Swiss artist Nives Widauer. “The MQ is a place of exchange where people from all over the world, and from all different branches of art, come together. It is great to see how many of these facets are united in the project ‘EuroArt at the MQ’ – and that the MQ furniture serves here as a common symbol”, enthuses Christian Strasser, Director of the MuseumsQuartier Wien, about the project. Edgar Böhm, Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest: “It is great to see how our slogan ‘Building Bridges’ is being applied here, in that a connection is being made between music and fine art. I am already looking forward to seeing the results and seeing what the artists’ thoughts are on the 40 participating countries.”

“MQ Summer Opening” offers a look behind the scenesThe 40 works are being created on site. To make this possible, from 3 May a studio tent will be located on the MQ Vorplatz in which the artists will work on “their” piece of furniture. Ten artists at a time will each be given two days to work alongside one another on decorating the furniture. As part of the “MQ Summer Opening” on 7 May, an opening in the studio tent from 15:00 to 21:00 will give a window onto the artists at work, allowing a first glimpse of the newly-decorated “MQ furniture”.

“THE NUL-POINTERS” in the Leopold Museum Another artistic highlight in the Eurovision Song Contest program of events takes place in the Leopold Museum: The “MQ Summer Opening” on 7 May also sees the opening of the new exhibition “THE NUL-POINTERS by Tex Rubinowitz”. Cartoonist, writer and Bachmann Prize winner Rubinowitz is a self-confessed Song Contest fan. But his interest is not in the winners, but the “zero pointers” – those 34 Song Contest participants whose entries failed to elicit a single point from the jury. Using paintbrush and easel, “THE NUL-POINTERS” is dedicated to these performers. The exhibition will be on show until 8 June.

Charity Auction The MQ furniture decorated as part of the “EuroArt at the MuseumsQuartier” project will be on show in the courtyard of the MuseumsQuartier Wien from 16 to 27 May. After the Eurovision Song Contest, these unique seats will be auctioned off for charity on 27 May in the Main MQ Courtyard under the expert guidance of the Kinsky auction house. Anyone who is interested can bid to acquire their favorite one-of-a-kind seat.

Curatorial Team/Project Partners By participating in the “EuroArt at the MQ” project, mumok is setting an example of social and cultural cooperation in Europe, explains Director Karola Kraus: “In this project, art functions as a bridge-building medium, one that can break open encrusted modes of thought and throw up new perspectives.” Nicolaus Schafhausen, Director of the Kunsthalle Wien, also highlights the project’s inter­national dimension: “Our current exhibition Destination Vienna 2015 offers a multifaceted view of the vitality of the Viennese art scene. When artists decorate the characteristic MQ furniture and these are then auctioned off – destination unknown – this adds yet more new facets. I think it’s great when the local scene finds resonance internationally through this kind of project.” For Peter Weinhäupl, Managing Director of the Leopold Museum, the MQ furniture has become Austria’s most popular seating apparatus and communication tool over the last few years: “Charged with art, they are the optimal form for transporting the message of the Song Contest. The artists suggested by the Leopold Museum are thrilled to be involved in ‘building bridges’.” The project is also being supported by Österreich Werbung: “The Song Contest is a wonderful opportunity to present ourselves to an audience of millions”, explains Managing Director Petra Stolba. “We want to use the increased attention and enormous media interest to communicate a young, dynamic and modern image of Austria. Lived creativity in art and culture, as demonstrated in the project ‘EuroArt at the MQ’, plays an important role in this. We are convinced that the MQ in May will not just be a meeting place for Europe here in Vienna, but that its ‘European furniture’ will draw attention from abroad.”

Artists (with assigned ESC participating country in brackets):

Nominated by the Kunsthalle Wien: Patrick Baumüller (Netherlands), Anna-Maria Bogner (Belarus), Hans Glaser (Slovenia), Harald Grünauer (Armenia), Rudi Hübl (United Kingdom), Margit Nobis (France), Rainer Prohaska (Switzerland), Resanita/Anita Fuchs & Resa Pernthaller (Georgia), Terese Schulmeister (Lithuania), Kamen Stoyanov (Albania), Lukas Troberg (Azerbaijan)

Nominated by the Leopold Museum: Kirsten Borchert (Cyprus), Christoph Buchegger (Finland), Gary Danner (Macedonia), Johannes Deutsch (Spain), Thomas Draschan (Serbia), Christian Eisenberger (Belgium), Benedikt Frass (Latvia), Bernadette Huber (Germany), Juhann (Hungary), Ina Loitzl (Italy), Marko Markovic (Iceland), Hannes Mlenek (Norway), Elena Muti (San Marino), Manfred Peckl (Russia), Elisa Rose (Poland), Tex Rubinowitz (Israel), Stylianos Schicho (Romania), Nives Widauer (Austria), Irene Wölfl (Greece)

Nominated by the mumok by curator Barbara Rüdiger:Daniel Ferstl (Portugal), kozek hörlonski/Thomas Hörl (Moldova), Ulrike Köppinger (Czech Republic), kozek hörlonski/Peter Kozek (Australia), Jakob Neulinger (Denmark), Matthias Noggler (Malta), Peter Phobia (Montenegro), Liesl Raff (Estonia), Constanze Schweiger (Sweden), André Wagner (Ireland) The project partners of “EuroArt at the MuseumsQuartier” include the MuseumsQuartier Wien, ORF, Leopold Museum, mumok, Kunsthalle Wien, Österreich Werbung and ÖBB/Rail Tours.