who's your neighbor

Migration is natural

Thursday, 15. March 2012 - 19:00
15. 3. 2012 - 30. 4. 2012

Who’s your neighbor – Migration is natural
Exhibition in der Kro Art contemporary 
Opening  : 15.03.2012 19:00 h 
Co-production with  Tricky Women 2012

In times of increasingly scarce living space, attentively caring for the environment as well as for our neighbors is becoming more and more important. What is needed is to keep the world in balance as a shared habitat and source of nourishment for all living creatures. After all, we’re all in the same boat. The exhibition shows six films by animation artists from altogether different regions of the world. What all the animation films have in common is their subject: nature – be it in the form of a documentary about unleashed natural forces or from the point of view of a hidden onlooker in a fairytale-like natural idyll, or as an eyewitness to a savage hunt or simply in stunning metamorphoses. The installation-like form of the presentation effects a transformation from the screen to reality. 

Participating artists: Anitha Balachandrian (US/IN), Brigitte Mahlknecht (AT), Linde Faas (NL), Nikki Schuster (AT), Una Lorenzen (IS) and Vergine Keaton (F).

Another event at the Tricky Women Festival 2012:
Saturday 17 March, 2pm, Meet the Artists  - A roundtable discussion with artists from this year’s Tricky Women Festival. Presenter: Daniela Ingruber (author and media theorist)