schönschaurig. Irrgärten durch den menschlichen Körper

Ina Loitzl

Friday, 19. March 2010 - 19:00
19. 3. 2010 - 30. 4. 2010

Videos from the exhibition at Yahoo:

At the same time exhibition in the Project Space Cellar of the gallery: „Im Keller ist es dunkel“
Animationfilms  from the artists of  "tricky women"  in the chellar of the gallery.
Opening at  20:00 by the  „tricky women – team“

Heartrending in the truest sense of the word. Sensual-aesthetic and simultaneously threatening and critical – however you see them, the body-art works by Ina Loitzl affect you deeply. 

She takes us on a journey under the skin – an X-ray view deep into our innermost being. She exposes what, on one level, is a trusted part of the body, but what on a different level is completely alien because we can’t see them and can’t touch them: organs and viscera.

 She defamiliarises them by translating them in part into over-sized, extremely colourful textile objects which she installs free-hanging in space. 

Soft objects, soft textile objects of, among other things, lobes of lungs, bronchial branches, arteries, hearts and also specially female organs, such as ovaries or uteri – a baroque wallowing in fabric, wool, plastic and latex.

the exhibition will be opend by the art historian Silvie Aigner.

an exhibition catalouge is available 
with articles  from Mag. Silvie Aigner, Dr. Günther Hollerschuster und Dr. Petra Noll.