Populus tremula

Marika Vicari

26. 4. 2008 - 4. 6. 2008

Presentation of the catalogue and opening speech by Dr. Peter Assmann

Marika Vicari, born 1979 in Vicenza, Italy, studied landscape painting at the “Accademia di Belli Arti a Venezia” (Academy of Visual Arts, Venice). Since 2004 she has taken part in Italian and international exhibitions, among others also in the second and third Berliner Kunstsalon. In April 2008 she will exhibit her latest artwork in a solo exhibition entitled “Populus tremula” at Kro Art Gallery, Vienna.

“Populus tremula“ is the Latin botanic expression for aspen, also called trembling poplar. In 2002 she turned her attention to the poplar wood which became the object of her artistic investigations. Out of an intense phase of experimentation with poplar wood and various techniques, the favourite working technique of the artist emerged: graphite drawing on a just slightly pretreated wood surface. The structure of wood which shows through (annual rings, forks of branches, etc.) becomes a component of the image which corresponds to the sensual access of the artist to material, technique and motif as well.

The occupation with the landscape emerged from travels in Europe, some of which were undertaken on foot. “Every landscape seems to be an exceptionally appropriate means of depicting the sensibility and the wishes of an epoch like ours in a direct, symbolic and allegoric way”. (Marika Vicari)

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