CX Huth (D), Martin Melicherčík (SK), Matthias Peyker (A), Rado Repický (SK), Kinki Texas (D)

1. 7. 2010 - 25. 9. 2010

Pictograms, comix, street art: the world of quick symbolic art

While being conducive to a faster orientation in everyday life, pictograms become pointed imparters of ideas in art—one single symbol that triggers a whole series of associations on the part of the observer: one single item that is capable of narrating a complete story. Icons are usually rooted in the picture language of comics. They are easy and fast to read, distinctly recognisable and impartable, and catchy through their simple alignment. Manga, the Asian comics version, means "spontaneous image", thus explaining in a perfect way the essence of comix. 
Sign language and the aesthetics of street art and graffiti draw from the same pool. Here, the most varied media are used: markers, brushes and rollers, sprays, stickers, posters, etc. 

CX Huth: pop culture opened up a unique way of expression for CX Huth ("Pop goes my world"). Huth draws and paints graffiti-like text-picture compositions—peculiar stories put on linen, paper, printing plates, bath tubs, and the like. Additionally, adhesive tapes, various shades of white of different papers, the occurrence of wear, and even the odd mishap serve as a purpose to the artist to achieve his aim.

CX Huth (1964, D) lives and works in Berlin as illustrator and comic artist.

Martin Melicherčík: the language of advertising is unmistakeably present in Martin Melicherčík’s oeuvre. He draws from a repertoire that is composed of the techniques used in current graphical art as well as in comics and cartoons. He places pictograms and logos in a new context and, in doing so, plays with their meanings as well as with the associations of the lookers-on.

Martin Melicherčík (1977, SK) studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Numerous group- and solo-exhibitions.

Mathias Peyker: "A Thousand Fuegos", a musical version of Mathias Peyker’s "Fire of Prometheus", is a sound solo project cast with changing personalities in its live implementation, thus bringing about blurrings and ambiguities. In this way, "A Thousand Fuegos" strikes at keeping a balance between a restrained mysticism and a filigree way of songwriting. It is a story of a friendly kind of occultism which, perhaps, will be told on stage totally differently, once more leaving everything open-ended. These conceptual contracts are something that the artist remains faithful to throughout his graphic work. 
Experimental research, linking together, interweaving, crossing over and cross-fading utterly different media and techniques—all these are the tools applied in a process by the end of which a highly charismatic, visualised chaos theory has been produced.

Matthias Peyker (1983, A), art history at the University Vienna, Graphic at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Prof. Gunther Damisch. 2006 he founded the music project "A Thousand Fuegos".

Rado Repický: is inspired by street art, Dadaism, comics and Zen Buddhism. The dissolving of rigid structures and stereotypes is an essential impulse throughout his activities. He likes to orient himself to the sign language of children and art brut because it is unsophisticated and has remained unaffected by the norms laid down by society.  His fantasy worlds populate screens and sheets of drawing paper.  But more so, they have unashamedly invaded everyday-life objects, such as walls, floors and buildings in a peaceful, Zen Buddhist and ultimately joyful manner.

Rado Repický (1984, SK) studied at the TU Košice, Faculty of Art. Exhibitions in Slovakia, Poland and Germany. 

Kinki Texas: each of the fantasy and grotesque works of art of the Bremen-based artist Kinki Texas forms its own complete microcosm composed of zombies, cowboys, comic figures and mythical creatures, with these bizarre beings oscillating somewhere between trash and glamour. Kinki Texas focuses on drawings, 3D animations and working with canvas.

Kinki Texas (alias Holger Meier, 1969, D) Literature and Philosophy at the University Bremen. Since 1987 international and national exhibitions.