Peter Wehinger

The title and Peter Wehinger’s work could hardly be more contrasting and incongruous at first
glance. The objects of his work present themselves as neither feminine nor beautiful nor desirable.
They are men, old men, who exhibit themselves unashamedly in the avoidable anonymity of the
internet. Alone, they present to the observer their nakedness, have him participate in intimacy, in
their hopes and their longings.
Triggered by his own coming to grips with getting old, Peter Wehinger made these men the subject
of his drawings. Using a simple, reduced line, he concentrates the drawing on the essential, letting
the men be themselves without compromise and without judgment. He doesn’t degrade them to
mere objects of study, but rather observes them with a humorous twinkle.
In this way, the men are neither repulsive nor alien, indeed one can’t help having the impression
that they are completely normal, even ordinary, in their rather strange surroundings and activities.
They are good the way they are.
[Kro Art Contemporary]

Quantity, distance, and height are the parameters of the work “3798m vertikal” which in its entirely
is not only a mere representation of the Großglockner, the highest elevation on Austria, but indeed
a factual reproduction of it. In its abstract form, the mountain becomes tangible at a glance, although
the irritation to the eye prevents us from fully grasping this. The work constantly switches between
two levels: for one thing the viewer recognises the effort of stretching the strings, and for the
other also the effort of climbling a mountain, which has been sucessfully achieved at the moment
of finishing the work.
[Text extracted from Lucas Cuturi]


1971 born in Dornbirn (A)
2004 Study at the Academy of Fine Arts (Vienna - A)

Solo and Group Exhibitions (selection)

2016 10X - 10 Jahre Kro Art Contemporary, Kro Art Contemporary (Vienna - A)
2015 Nackte Männer, Theater Kosmos (Bregenz - A)
  ARTmArt, Künstlerhaus (Vienna - A)
  Wunderkammer, TU (Vienna - A)
  Arte Laguna Price (Ptuj - SLO)
  Die Stunde stürzt, Milkressort (Göfis - A)
  Time, Parlament (Vienna - A)
  artists against the cold, vastudios (Vienna - A)
  housewarming, vastudios (Vienna - A)
2014 paraflows,  Künstlerhaus (Vienna - A)
  Verkaufsschau,  das weiße haus (Vienna - A)
2013 Dezemberschau #4,  Amrei Heyne Galerie (Stuttgart - D)
  IN THE NAME OF LOVE,  Krokus Galerie (Bratislava - SK)
  In between, Galerie.Z (Hard - A)
  Vienna Fair, Stand Krokus Galerie (Vienna - A)
  Lange Nacht der Museen, Bahnhof Bregenz (Bregenz - A)
  Savoir-Vivre, Kro Art Contemporary (Vienna - A)
  Wind, WUK (Vienna - A)
  Vom Luftholen und Untertauchen (Schlins - A)
  ArtSite, Castello di Buronzo (I)
  Silvrettaatelier, Palais Lichtenstein (Feldkirch - A)
  ArteFiera, Stand Kro Art Contemporary (Bologna - I)
2012 ART STAYS (Ptuj - SLO)
  Rookie, Art Bodensee (Dornbirn - A)
  Männer, Xhibit Schillerplatz (Vienna - A)
  Rauchgefechte, Akademie der bildenden Künste (Vienna - A)
  die weiße-haus-verkaufs-kunstschau, das weiße haus (Vienna - A)
  Death Can Dance, Cabaret Voltaire (Zürich - CH)
  Pin-up, Galerie.Z (Hard - A)
  extended Universe, The Essential Collection (Zürich - CH)
2011 Space (8850 m vertikal), Krokus Galeriea (Bratislava - SK)
  METaMart, Künstlerhaus (Vienna - A)
  Räumlich, Kro Art Contemporary (Vienna - A)
  We Bandets, WUK (Vienna - A)
  GO WEST, Hospiz Galerie (Bregenz - A)
  NO DOG! – HYPER FLUX!, AREA 53 (Vienna - A)
2010 ArtMart, Künstlerhaus (Vienna - A)
  Faunetic – Faunethik – Faunatic, Kro Art Contemporary (Vienna - A)
  Hombase, Kro Art Contemporary (Vienna - A)
  INSTANT FISHING, Ragnarhof (Vienna - A)
  MASH-UP, Galerie KoKo (Vienna - A)
  MSW-ART, MSW (Vienna - A)
2009 open call, Aula Akademie der bildenden Künste (Vienna - A)
  Mythos und Heimat, Waldrast in Holzgau (Holzgau - A)
  Sexy Magic – Performance, Ve.sch (Vienna - A)
  unORTnung, Ankerbrotfabrik (Vienna - A)
2008 Beletage, Vorgartenstr. 217 (Vienna - A)
  09/kunstakt, fellner wratzfeld partner Anwaltskanzlei (Vienna - A)
  dieZelle, Wassergüteamt (Vienna - A)
  UTOPIA, MAK Gegenwartskun­stdepot (Vienna - A)
  ART STAYS 2003 –2007 (Ptuj - SLO)
  ARTmART 2008, Künstlerhaus (Vienna - A)
2007 Eröffnungsausstellung, das weiße haus (Vienna - A)
  Biological, Kro Art Contemporary (Vienna - A)
  UN_SPACE, MAK Gegenwartskun­stdepot (Vienna - A)
  Trauma Queen (Athen - GR)
  VORARLBERG@WIEN, Rote Villa Claudia, (Feldkirch - A)
  ART STAYS (Ptuj - SLO)
  ARTmART 2007, Künstlerhaus (Vienna - A)
  DENKKONSTRUKTIONEN, Magdalenenstraße 24/8 (Vienna - A)
2006 Faktum Flakturm, Leitturm Arenbergpark (Vienna - A)
  Tag der offenen Tür, Leitturm Arenbergpark (Vienna - A)
  Top to bottom end to end, Westbahnhof (Vienna - A)
  Microstories Austria, MAK (Vienna - A)
  Getuned - Dinge im Kontext, ESC (Graz - A)
  Economy Class (Nairobi - KEN)
  Fastenskulptur, Kirche Neuerlaa (Vienna - A)